LESBIAN.GR (2000 – 2019)

I’ve been on the internet since its inception. From the time you had to unplug the phone cord and plug it into the computer to connect. I was scouring everything lesbian there was, making simple pages on GeoCities and meeting people (mostly from abroad and mostly lesbians).

When they permitted the purchase of domain names (only through the Foundation for Research and Technology) I bought a few and registered one under my dad’s name (I think they wouldn’t allow a private individual to own two domain names).

The one I registered under my dad’s name was LESBIAN.GR

I began constructing the website using primitive methods at that time, as there were no readily available CMS (later I found a guy who sold his own CMS). I was uploading files via FTP from my desktop and trying to create an official Greek lesbian community on the internet. Paul Sofianos helped me in this effort. And so the first official website of Lesbian.gr was created.

The sections that had the most traffic were the Ads and the Chat Room. Even now, girls get hold of me and tell me they met there.

Running the website was full time unpaid work and the maintenance was costly. As for the mental toll, that was immeasurable, especially when my cell phone would ring at 3 am and I had to enter the chat. Why? Fights, hysterics, drunks, relationship drama—you name it. Then, there were those visits to the Cybercrime Squad because some girls were pressing charges for having their phone numbers posted without their consent (by some vengeful boyfriend they dumped), not to mention the nights I stayed up late to talk someone out of committing suicide.

I wasn’t worn out from the work on the website, I was drained from the never-ending fights among them. And I was exhausted from all the lawsuits because, as it turned out, some men were posting ads with photos, phone numbers and sometimes even addresses of girls they lusted after. So I decided to put an end to that and I stopped allowing posting of phone numbers or photos.

Despite all this, through hard work, great effort, and financial expenses, the website became an internet oasis for Greek lesbians, boasting over 3,000 articles!